Answers to common questions

The brand

What does Altiplano mean?

“Altiplano” means a geographic region in South America, characterized by high plateaus, a harsh climate, and significant cultural and historical richness. It was in this region that the first metal castings were carried out.

Where is the jewelry made?

All our jewelry is made and shaped by hand in Latin America by our artisans

What is the history of Altiplano?

To learn more about us, you can visit the Our History page

Our products

What types of jewelry do you offer?

Altiplano offers a range of silver rings, bangles, chains and pendants

What materials do you use to make your jewelry?

All our jewelry is designed entirely from solid/sterling silver (law 925).

What sizes are available for the rings?

We offer ring sizes ranging from 54 to 74 (French sizes). However, some models are adjustable (the model is not closed, you can adapt it to your finger).

How do I choose the right ring size?

If you don't know your size, don't worry. We provide you with a size guide to help you determine it.

How can I choose the right size of rushes?

Our bangles are one size and the dimensions are detailed on the product sheets.

For more information you can refer to our size guide .

Delivery and returns

What delivery methods are available?

Delivery methods depend on your geographic area.

Metropolitan France :

Colissimo Overseas

International :
International Colissimo

What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times vary depending on your geographic area.

Metropolitan France :

2 to 4 working days


11 to 31 working days

International :

3 to 10 working days (excluding customs processing)

What are the shipping fees ?

Delivery costs depend on your geographic area and the delivery method selected. The prices will be displayed to you at the time of payment.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been placed and processed by us, you will receive a code by email allowing you to track your order.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Here is the list of countries where we offer delivery.

European Union :
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czechia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden

Guadeloupe (including St Barthélémy and St Martin), Martinique, Réunion, Guyana, Mayotte and St-Pierre-et-Miquelon

International :
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Iceland, Israel, United States, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

What about customs fees?

If you are located in a country outside the European Union, customs fees may apply.

Altiplano does not cover any customs fees. They are the responsibility of the customer.

Important note
If you decide not to pay the customs fees applicable to your country of destination, please note that the package will be returned to us within a few days and that the return costs will be your responsibility.
Each country has its own rules regarding customs tax. Take the time to find out before placing your order.

How do I return my order?

You have a legal period of 14 days to return your order if it does not suit you. We invite you to quickly contact us via the contact form , including all the information that may be useful in processing your request.


How can I care for my silver jewelry?

Here are some tips for taking care of your jewelry:

- Use a soft cloth to remove dirt and residue

- Avoid contact with beauty products, perfumes, or household products

- Store your jewelry in a dry place, away from air and direct sunlight to prevent oxidation

For more information you can refer to our maintenance guide .

What care products do you recommend for silver jewelry?

For the care of silver jewelry, we recommend these common products:

- Microfiber cloth : Ideal for gently wiping away dirt and oxidation.

- Silver cleaning solution: Use a mild, commercially available solution.

- Baking soda: Form a paste with water, rub gently, then rinse.

- Lemon and salt: Rub the jewelry with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, then rinse.

- Aluminum bath: Place the jewelry in a container with hot water, salt and aluminum foil for a few minutes.

Be careful not to use abrasive products that could damage your jewelry.

For more information you can refer to our maintenance guide .

Can I wear my silver jewelry in the shower or while swimming?

It is best to avoid wearing your silver jewelry in the shower or while swimming. Exposure to water and chemicals found in some shower, pool, or hot tub products can accelerate oxidation and damage metal. To preserve the beauty of your silver jewelry, it is recommended that you remove it before showering, swimming or immersing yourself in water.