Our history

Discover the story of Altiplano, the brand of artisanal silver jewelry drawing its inspiration from Latin American culture.

Ladislas and Manolo, two long-time friends sharing a deep passion for fashion and jewelry, took on the challenge of founding a truly meaningful jewelry brand.

A common passion

Ladislas, imbued with love for South America, lived in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Currently, he resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he continues to explore and appreciate the rich cultural traditions of this region of the world. Manolo, for his part, lives in Paris and shares Ladislas' passion for travel and exploring the world.
Both are true jewelry lovers, and they proudly wear these precious creations every day. Together, they decided to take on a new challenge and embark on an extraordinary adventure by creating Altiplano.

The beginning

The first step of their adventure took them to Mexico, a country rich in culture and history. There, they had the opportunity to meet and work closely with talented local artisans. This is how Altiplano's vision was born: to create silver jewelry for men, inspired by Latin American art and crafted with authentic craftsmanship.

We invite you to explore our collection of silver rings, bangles, pendants and necklaces, each telling a unique story of creativity, craftsmanship and culture.

Thank you for being part of our journey at Altiplano, where history blends with art to create jewelry that transcends time and borders.