Our logo

The meaning of our logo extends far beyond a simple outline of hands. There are several symbols that illustrate the fundamental pillars of our project.

Jewelry, whether delicate rings, elegant bangles or refined bracelets, embodies the very essence of our passion. They are not simply accessories, but pieces that surround the hands with timeless elegance, carrying within them the weight of shared stories and emotions.

Craftsmanship, symbolized by hands, embodies our commitment to Latin American artisanal know-how. Each creation is imbued with expertise passed down from generation to generation, celebrating the art of creating with the hands, a vibrant tribute to Latin American cultural heritage.

The condor, a majestic bird emblematic of Latin America, in the form of a Chinese shadow silhouette. Its presence evokes the grandeur of nature, the freedom of the infinite sky, and the deep connection with our cultural roots.

Finally, union represents the very heart of our essence. Two hands meet, symbolizing the association of two people united by passion and common vision. This image embodies our commitment to collaboration, building strong connections and creating a shared project.

So, our logo is much more than just an image; it is a visual reflection of our history, our dedication to craftsmanship, our deep connection with nature and, above all, our belief in the power of coming together to create something beautiful and meaningful.