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  • Solid 925 silver ring
  • Made in Mexico by our artisans
  • Unisex model

“JAYRI” ring The Beauty of the “Moonless Night” in Aymara

The “JAYRI” ring takes its name from Aymara , a language spoken mainly in the Andean regions including the Altiplano of South America, where “Jayri” means “ moonless night ”. This silver ring captures the magic of these starry nights due to the purity of the sky in the upper reaches of the Andes, with its silver dots on a black background, while celebrating the Aymara cultural wealth.

The "JAYRI" ring evokes a starry night with its brilliant silver dots against a deep black background, offering a visual homage to the meaning of its name in Aymara. Wear "JAYRI" to celebrate the rich Aymara culture and to connect to the mystical beauty of starry nights.

The “JAYRI” ring captures the poetry of starry nights in Aymara, a language spoken in the Andean regions. Wear it to express your appreciation for the cultural richness of Aymara and to celebrate the mystical beauty of moonless nights. Order yours today, a piece of jewelry that embodies the magic of the stars.

All our models are handmade and artisanal, which makes them unique. Please note that designs may vary slightly.

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  • Made in Latin America

    All our jewelry is handmade by our artisans in Latin America

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