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MICHI alone

MICHI alone

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  • Solid 925 silver pendant
  • Made in Mexico by our artisans
  • Unisex model

Height: 3.2cm
Width: 1.2cm

Michi - The Inca Arrow

The “Michi” pendant is an ode to power and to elegance of the arrow, an emblematic symbol of the civilization Inca . Its name, "Michi", finds its origin in Quechua, the language of the Incas, where it means "arrow". This pendant captures the spirit of this great South American civilization and embodies the strength and the determination of the warriors incas .

The Inca Arrow
The shape of this pendant, delicately chiselled , recalls the tapered silhouette of an arrow ready to be shot. The Incas were known for their mastery of art of war , and the arrow was one of their most common symbols powerful . She represented the precision , the speed and the strength , qualities that allowed the Inca Empire to expand over vast territories.

An Inca Heritage in a Jewel
“Michi” embodies the connection deep of the Incas with the nature , because their arrows were often carved from precious wood and decorated with colorful feathers. This silver pendant captures this aesthetic, recalling the harmonious relationship the Incas had with their environment.

A Meaningful Jewel
Wearing the "Michi" pendant goes beyond aesthetics . It is a tribute to the culture Inca, to his wisdom and to his courage . It symbolizes the strength interior , the perseverance and the determination of those who wear it. By choosing "Michi", you elegantly carry the legacy of an extraordinary civilization and connect to the power of the Inca arrow, ready to aim straight towards the future .

This pendant embodies the very essence of the arrow, both simple and deeply meaningful, and serves as a reminder that strength can be found in simplicity. “Michi” is a piece of jewelry that transcends time and borders, providing its wearer with a timeless connection to Inca history and culture.

All our models are handmade and artisanal, which makes them unique. Please note that designs may vary slightly.

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