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  • Solid 925 silver pendant
  • Made in Mexico by our artisans
  • Unisex model

Height: 2.4cm
Width: 2.4cm

Mictlan - Echo of the Underworld

The "Mictlan" pendant is a creation that transcends the boundaries of life and some death , embodying the Aztec vision of underground world , "Mictlan", where rest the souls of the deceased . With its distinctive shape in skull cow, this 925 silver pendant is a piece loaded with symbolism, offering a window onto the rich Aztec cosmology .

The Aztec Underworld
"Mictlan" was the underworld kingdom in Aztec cosmology, a place where the souls of the dead continued their journey . This pendant captures the duality of life and death, because the cow skull was associated with fertility and the cycle of life and death. It was a powerful symbol of transformation.

An Evocative Pendant
The shape of this silver pendant, detailed with exceptional precision, evokes both the fragility of life and power of the nature . The cow's horns are delicately sculpted, recalling the vitality of nature, while the skull recalls the inescapable reality of death. This duality makes “Mictlan” a pendant that is both striking and moving.

Bearer of the Enigma
Wearing the "Mictlan" pendant means carrying it with you the riddle of life and death. It symbolizes the cycle eternal of the transformation , reminding us that death is only one step in this journey perpetual . It is a jewel that invites reflection on the nature of existence human nature and how ancient civilizations understood the world around them.

“Mictlan” is a door towards another world, a window on the depth of Aztec thought. By choosing to wear this jewelry, you are embarking on a journey of understanding and appreciation of the rich Aztec culture and spirituality. A piece that evokes humanity's inexhaustible fascination with mysteries of life and death.

All our models are handmade and artisanal, which makes them unique. Please note that designs may vary slightly.

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