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  • Solid 925 silver bangle
  • Made in Mexico by our artisans
  • Unisex model
  • Unique size

Na'akal - The Silver Ascension

The "Na'akal" bangle is a work of art that embodies the spirit of ascension , climb , and determination to reach new heights . Its name, "Na'akal", takes its origin from Mayan, where it means " to climb ", "to ascend", or "ascension". Every curve and every detail of this silver bangle evokes human perseverance and the desire to climb the ladder of life .

Personal Ascension:
This silver bangle is designed to remind you that life is a constant journey of personal ascension. The fluid and elegant lines of the bangle symbolize the rise to new horizons , the search for excellence and the achievement of objectives .

Elegant Simplicity:
The simplicity of the "Na'akal" bangle is in harmony with its powerful message. It is perfectly balanced between the smooth shape and the shine of silver. This timeless elegance makes it a versatile piece of jewelry, suitable for all occasions.

Bearer of Determination:
Wearing the "Na'akal" bangle means proudly carrying the idea of ​​personal ascension . It is a jewel that reminds us that every challenge can be overcome, that every peak can be reached. It is a symbol of determination and perseverance .

“Na’akal” is a visual reminder of the importance of continuing to climb the ladder of life. By choosing this jewel, you elegantly carry the idea of ​​personal ascension and continuous growth . A piece that embodies the essence of human perseverance and determination .

All our models are handmade and artisanal, which makes them unique. Please note that designs may vary slightly.

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