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Silver chain (Size)
  • Solid 925 silver pendant
  • Made in Mexico by our artisans
  • Unisex model

Diameter: 2.4cm

Omeka' - The Union of Calendars

The "Omeka'" pendant is a tribute artistic to the cultural wealth of civilizations Aztecs And Mayans . Its very name, "Omeka'", embodies this union by combining the words "Ome" (two in Nahuatl) and "Ka'" (two in Mayan), thus symbolizing the merger harmonious of two of calendars the most emblematic of pre-Columbian history.

The Aztec Calendar
On one side of this silver pendant you will find the Aztec calendar, a artwork of meticulously crafted art that captures the very essence of the Aztecs' vision of time. The Aztec calendar, also known as the "Stone of the Sun" or "Stone Calendar", was an accurate tool for measuring time and natural cycles. Its symbols and glyphs, finely represented here, offer an overview of the complexity and some spirituality of this civilization .

The Mayan Calendar
On the other side of the "Omeka'" pendant, you will discover the Mayan calendar, a representation elegant and detailed calendar that captivated imagination of the whole world. The Mayans were masters time , and their calendar, based on knowledge astronomical advanced , is famous for its precision. This side of the pendant immerses you in the intrigue of cycles Mayans, inviting you to explore the mysteries of this civilization .

A Union of Cultures and Times
"Omeka'" embodies the idea that time is a strength universal which transcends cultural boundaries. By wearing this pendant, you wear with elegance the inheritance of two great civilizations, while celebrating their connection with the cosmos and their deep spirituality .

Every detail of this silver pendant has been carefully shaped to honor these two calendars, making "Omeka'" a jewel that encourages reflection , discovery and contemplation of the fascinating history of the Aztecs and Mayans. A pendant that goes beyond aesthetics to become a symbol of the interconnection of times and cultures.

All our models are handmade and artisanal, which makes them unique. Please note that designs may vary slightly.

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